We all experience fear and anxiety at some time in our lives, and it is important to keep in mind that both fear and anxiety are reactions to various stimuli in our environments – signals to us that something needs attention – neither is a disease or illness. However, left unchecked, they can lead to illness and disease. There is a universal biochemical response (increased heart rate and adrenaline, “butterflies” in the stomach etc) and a highly personalised response (based on our personal perceptions and beliefs).


Fear and anxiety are mainly stored in the stomach and intestines, and as a result can lead to a host of stomach or digestive issues, while anxiety can also be stored primarily in the chest area linking to breathing difficulties (e.g. asthma) and various heart conditions. Interestingly, in Luke 21v26, it says that in the end days “men’s hearts will fail them for fear”. The more fear is suppressed, the more the physical reactions will manifest and lead to toxicity in the body.


If you are regularly experiencing anxiety, worry, withdrawal, a need to control or battling with drugs and alcohol, it is possible that your issues stem from the major “door” of Fear which has been opened in your life. Through various steps Holy Spirit will bring revelation and understanding and through forgiveness and repentance, Jesus brings healing. These are specific steps that I would work through with a client.

 4 Practical Tips for Easing Symptoms:

  • Acknowledge, Embrace and Address the anxiety in order to weaken the memory (we would do this in more detail in a counsel session) 
  • Reflexology & Acupressure are proven to help with improving relaxation, sleep, asthma, and easing depression, grief and pain. 
  • The Homeopathic Remedy Aconite (which I use regularly for my children) and the Essential Oils Lavender, Ylang Ylang or Frankincence are beneficial for calming and grounding. (I have a combination of these and other oils in my personal blend “Nervs No Mor”) 
  • Taking a combination of Vit B1, 3, 6 and Magnesium reduces lactic acid in your body. Studies show that a high accumulation of lactic acid in the body can increase anxiety and cause panic attacks.

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