On 13 March 2022, I dreamt of a large black portal opening up over the ocean. I knew in my spirit that nothing about it was good.

Out of this portal, tons of long, black rectangle-shaped ‘organisms’ (kind of like flat Fettuccine pieces) poured down into the sea. I couldn’t tell exactly what the black pieces were but I knew they were ‘organisms’ and I knew they were ‘demonic’.

• On waking I was reminded that the ocean often represents mankind/ masses of people (Revelation 13), but it can also represent chaos, calamity and death. I had the sense that something sinister from the demonic realm was being released or about to be released among mankind.

• When I prayed about it I heard the word “plague”. A plague can also be representative of ‘calamity’.

• Three days later, in my time with the Lord, I heard Him say again, “A plague is coming, anoint your home”. I am still uncertain as to whether it is a plague of sickness or symbolic of a general plague of chaos and calamity.

I don’t believe God is showing us this to bring fear in ANY way, but rather the encouragement to put our trust and faith in HIM and reassurance that we can find guidance and refuge in his PRESENCE when the storms of life come. (see Psalm 91)

Then in MAY 2021 – 3 nights before Pentecost – I had a very different Portal dream.

In the dream I was standing on my front lawn when suddenly I saw a cloud-like pillar coming down from the sky towards me at great speed. As it got closer, I realised that it was not a cloud, but a solid structure which turned out to look like an extravagant archway or doorway – similar to one you would find in a palace.

In my spirit, I sensed it was a Heavenly ‘portal’. Suddenly, a white Dove appeared which I knew was Holy Spirit. Everything was coming towards me at lightening speed. I began calling my daughter, Jayme, to hurry up and come see what I was seeing. As the doorway passed over me I had an incredible spiritual encounter and afterwards was filled with indescribable JOY.

Jayme, my daughter, was so busy enjoying playing and didn’t want to leave what she was doing, that she missed it all.

• Upon reflection, one of the interpretations I got for the Body was that there is such ACCELERATION of things happening in the spirit, and there is such favour right now for open heavens and fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit encounters. Those who are vigilant and watching will get to experience unbelievable moves of the Spirit and many will be completely transformed in the twinkling of an eye.

• We also need to stay ready – purifying ourselves to become new wine skins ready for the new wine!

• The warning, however, is that there are those who may remain busy and distracted, and may miss out on what God has for them.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to miss a thing that God has in store for us! I want to be ready and awake, attentive to His still voice. I also need His absolute wisdom and guidance through the coming storms…

“Lord, we put out TRUST in you, our HOPE is in you and nothing else. Help us to become your pure and spotless Bride, and we ask you to keep us safe in the shadow of your wings” AMEN

This image is as close to the Heavenly Portal that I saw in my dream that I can find.

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