A few nights ago the Lord gave me an interesting dream. In it I was driving in a car with some friends to go and look at some exotic creatures in the sea. While we were busy looking at them I noticed that the tide had changed direction and the water was beginning to swirl around the car. I could see that in a few moments if we didn’t turn around, the car would either be flooded or we would be swept out to sea.

We turned the car around and started to drive away from the shoreline, but suddenly water started swelling and swirling from the sides too- it was as if we were about to be completely consumed by the ocean waves. We all began to shout and declare in faith, ‘Thank you Lord, you always make a way!’

As we did so, a tar path opened up a little stretch in front of us. The waves threatened to cover it, but we kept declaring God’s goodness in faith, thanking and praising Him. Every time we made a declaration, and drove forward in faith, a bit more of the path was revealed and we were able to drive on it, through the waves, in safety.

Over the last 2 weeks, God has been unpacking this dream for me. These are just a few of the highlights of what He has revealed…

• The exotic creatures in the sea represent the things of the world (people) that are holding our attention. Many people are so focused on these attractions that they have not noticed the tide has changed. God is saying that many will keep their affections on the things of the world and as a result, will be “swept away”, but those who keep their gaze (and affections) set on Him will be aware of the ‘signs of the times’ and move with His Spirit’s flow. It’s TIME TO LET GO – of the past, of unforgiveness, of materialism and status, fear and anything else holding us away from Him.

• Turning the car around in the opposite direction symbolises this year of “TURNAROUND”. God has repeated this word to me since January in so many different ways. I see Him completing flipping situations on their head or undoing circumstances that seem like dead ends.. In this season, I see restoration of relationships, health and finances amongst other things – for HIS PEOPLE (those whose eyes and hearts are set on Him and Him alone).

• Do not lose heart. Do not lose faith. Have patience and trust it to come to pass. In the dream, in spite of how things looked in the natural (swirling water about to consume us from every angle), we TRUSTED God would make a way and SPOKE it out in FAITH. Even though He only revealed a small part of the road at a time, at no stage did we feel He would abandon us to the ocean. We also didn’t get impatient and give up on following the road.

• Lastly, I hear Him say, ‘NEW PATH’. He is making all things NEW. For many, the path you are on this year may not look anything like what you were expecting, but trust Him. He is faithful.

 ‘Look. The time is coming when I will turn everything around for my people…” Jeremiah 30:3

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