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During a time of worship last week, I saw the six stone water jars that Jesus used to perform his first miracle of turning the water into wine (John 2). Holy Spirit gave me a beautiful revelation about this scene. Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose to use the water jars for his miracle …

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Today’s word from the Lord is ‘SHAMA’. Shama means to listen and obey. When God first told me to set aside 7 days to do this blog, He started by reminding me of the dreams I mention in my post titled “Snakes in Boots”. (https://sparklingforest.co.za/snakes-in-boots/) In those dreams, He warned me of the coming storms …

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DAY 3: WASH HANDS (and heart)

‘My people are diligently washing their hands, but they don’t ask Me to wash them and cleanse them from their filthiness (and brokenness) so that they can enter into my presence with clean hands and pure heart.’ For a while, God has been speaking to me about His desire for His people to have a …

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