Sweet Peas and Sparrows

While doing a year with Y.W.A.M (Youth with a Mission) in Hong Kong, I lived in an 800 year old Chinese village. Each morning we would have a mandatory “quiet time” for an hour. I would often love to sneak out of the Y.W.A.M base and walk to a spot in the countryside where I would have my quiet time with the Lord. I looked forward to these times alone with Him and am certain that He cherished them too.

On one particular morning, I was walking along the path to get to my favourite spot, when suddenly my attention was drawn to Sweet Peas growing along a fence next to the path. I absolutely LOVE Sweet Peas – to me they have the best fragrance, look beautiful in their bright colours and I especially love to see them growing wild. The sight of these flowers took me by complete surprise – not only because of their beauty, but because I had not noticed them on my walk the day before. It was like they had sprung up overnight!

While I was marvelling them, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper that these flowers were especially for me! My heart jumped as I considered this – the Lord knew I loved Sweet Peas, and knew that I would be walking that path that morning! He had made sure I did not miss out on this little detail of love for me, just as one would surprise his beloved with a gift of flowers! I was overwhelmed with joy at this notion and the whole day I felt so special, so loved.

When I first met my husband we were both so aware of the details. Details of our life stories, our likes and dislikes, the way one smiled or held a cup, even the twitch in a cheek when making a joke. I remember my husband commenting on how my eyes changed colour and the different ways I laughed. I remember being so touched by the thought-filled things he did for me like opening my door, writing little poems or sending me photos he’d taken of wild flowers because they made him think of me.

Over time it becomes easy not to notice details as much as before. We become familiar with the stories, traits or quirks, and they no longer hold our fascination as they once did. Sadly, we can even fail to notice the deliberate thought-filled actions that have been done with the hope of making the other feel special; a cup of coffee made in the morning, a light left on for a partner coming home late, a foot rub while watching T.V. are just a few examples. All of these actions have the potential to go unnoticed, or even worse, over time, expected and taken for granted. As soon as this happens, all the beauty that surround these acts of love, disappears. This can breed discontent and ingratitude. So it is with our relationship with the Lord.

Everyday God is pouring out His love for us, sometimes in grand gestures, but most often in the small ways, enriching our lives with little details. We too, can become blind to these acts of love and miss out on being romanced by our Lover. We too, can become discontent in our relationship with him, ungrateful even, and begin to believe we are unloved.

In Matthew 10:28–31 we read, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father” (v. 29). Although the sparrow did not hold much value in ancient Palestine, not one fell from the sky without its fall being ordained by the Lord. God cares about detail and through it He shows His love for us. If He is concerned enough over the life of the smallest sparrow, how much more is His knowledge of and concern for us? How much more does He notice us and desire to be noticed?

Ask Him today to open your eyes to His Detail; to not miss out on any of His gestures of romance to you- whether big or small. Who knows what you might discover? Perhaps your very own “Sweet Pea” is just waiting to be noticed!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you that you are a God of detail- that you use the small details of everyday life to show your love to me. Help me to open my eyes to all the ways that you are romancing me. Help me to not miss out on noticing any of your gestures of love for me.

In the same way Lord, keep me mindful of the details of those who love me and whom I love. Keep my eyes open to their gestures of love to me, and to be appreciative and grateful for their kindness and thoughtfulness. Amen

A beautiful Sweet Pea garden


Father God, what are some of the ways that you have romanced me lately? 

Holy Spirit, is there anybody in my life to whom I need to pay more attention, or to whom I should be more grateful?

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    • Quinta Myburgh on October 22, 2019 at 11:06 am

    Thnx Kim for the lovely time we spent at your cottage. I am absolutely fascinated with the glass roof of the shower. It is so dry now but God will bless your farm with rains. Will be praying specially for plentiful rains and that your venture will be very prosperous.
    Love the bulbinella salf.
    Love Quinta

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