Snakes in Boots

One night I had a very clear dream. In it my husband and I were about to go for a walk on our farm and I wanted to put on my pair of gumboots. As I was about to put one on, I clearly heard Holy Spirit caution me to knock the boot over and see if there was anything in it before I put my foot inside it. I knocked the first boot over and there was nothing inside, but when I knocked the second boot over, a large, orange snake slithered out and away. In my dream, I was not startled by the snake, (though I was very relieved that I had not stood on it!) but was more impressed that I had listened to the Spirit’s prompting and in turn, averted a potential disaster! Still dreaming, the Lord began to speak to me and remind me that if I stayed attentive to His ‘still, small voice’, and obeyed its promptings, I would be protected from all dangers and hazards no matter how big or small.

‘ A few nights later, He spoke to me again in another dream. This time I was in a house with a group of people when suddenly a gust of wind blew through the house. It began to swirl around and someone shouted, ‘Look- it’s a whirly’ (what folk in our area call a mini-tornado-like swirl of wind and dust). In my spirit, I knew that it was much more threatening than that and as I was about to say, ‘No, it’s a real tornado’, the wind accelerated with such velocity that the whole house started shaking. Everyone was screaming and panicking when again I heard Holy Spirit speak to me. ‘Go upstairs’, he said. At first, I wanted to question the instruction – it did not make sense to me to even stay in the house, let alone ‘go upstairs’ while a tornado was hitting! I was ready to high-tail it out of the door! However, in spite of my misgivings, he reassured me, ‘Trust me and you will be safe’. I tried to get as many people to ‘safety’, by yelling at them to ‘get upstairs’. To my amazement the storm blew through the house and those who had followed me upstairs, were completely unharmed.

Again the Lord spoke to me and told me that when the “storms” of life, which lie ahead, come, if I stay in intimacy with him, attentive to His instructions and trust him – even when those instructions don’t make sense to me, I will be kept safe. Through these two dreams, He was also reminding me to consider Him in ALL things I do, both in big decisions that needed to be made, and in my routine daily activities. It was also a valuable reminder at the beauty of staying in intimacy with Holy Spirit and allowing Him to have place in our days.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, thank you so much that you desire DAILY intimacy with me. Thank you that through your still, small voice, you instruct, convict, guide and protect me. You desire good things for me and my family. Please forgive me for times where I have been rebellious to your promptings, choosing instead to go my own way.

Please help me to obey your voice and to consider you in every area of my life – big and small. I pray for my spiritual ears and heart to be opened and attentive to you, always. Amen

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