For the last few years the Lord has been stressing the importance of ‘sanctifying our senses’. We can think we are living a holy life, but often it is only when we invite the conviction of Holy Spirit, that we are made aware of areas of compromise.

I feel prompted to share a personal story from a few years ago.

For my birthday, my husband had chosen to buy me a DVD series that I had been eager to watch. I had read the book that the series was based on and was curious to see how the story would be portrayed. I didn’t have any concerns about the series being inappropriate.

The first episode was seemingly fine, but in the second episode, there were two scenes that were quite disturbing.

That night I had a vivid dream of a DVD rack with loads of fat toads and frogs squished in between the DVDs. In the morning, the Spirit confirmed the meaning of the dream for me – that the frogs symbolised unclean spirits linked to the series I had watched. I knew right away, that I had the choice to get rid of the series and not give the enemy legal ground into my home and my life, or ignore the warning and continue to watch.

Obviously, I chose to get rid of the series.

Since then, I have been a lot more vigilant about what I watch, read or listen to.

Often, the attractions of the world that lure us away from Him or keep us otherwise occupied are a lot more subtle than we think. Even spending time on things that are “good” – Christian You Tube videos or teachings – can be a distraction from spending intimate time with the Lord. For a few weeks now, God has been warning me that many believers think they know Him, but don’t really KNOW Him. 

Recently, I heard this:

“Shut off the noise.

Tune in to Me.

My sheep SHOULD know My Voice, but many don’t, for they are too distracted.

Too much noise.

Busy with things I’ve not called them to do.

Focused on things I’ve not asked them to focus on.

Talking about things I’ve not told them to talk about.

Little attention is being given to Me- My thoughts, My heart, My will, My needs.

Tune into Me – My Holy Spirit airwaves.


What you are you watching?

What are you reading?

What are you listening to?

What is filling your time?

Do you really KNOW ME- my Heart’s cry? My sheep hear my voice and I KNOW them, and they FOLLOW Me”

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