During a time of worship last week, I saw the six stone water jars that Jesus used to perform his first miracle of turning the water into wine (John 2).

Holy Spirit gave me a beautiful revelation about this scene.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose to use the water jars for his miracle when he could have just as easily used the empty wine jars that were already there? Aside from the fact that the water jars were very large, they were also CLEAN. Being made of stone, they were not porous and would not hold any infectious disease. These jars did not hold drinking water, but water used for the cleansing and purification rites of the Jews.

“Now there were six stone water jars there for the Jewish rites of purification” John 2:6.

Holy Spirit revealed to me that the water jars were SET APART by the Lord God for the purpose of this miracle. It was no ‘accident’ the water jars just happened to be there. A PURE vessel was needed for this first miracle, the public manifestation of his glory. The wine that Jesus poured out was like no other wine that had ever been tasted before and therefore could not be poured into a vessel that was tainted with old wine and not completely pure.

This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory. And his disciples believed in him. John 2:11

In the same way, when God’s glory covers the earth in the end days (Joel 2:28) the pouring out of the “new wine” (Holy Spirit) cannot be poured into vessels that are not pure and clean. Just as the wine at the wedding was like no other that had been tasted before, so will the ‘wine’ (glory of the Lord) in the end days be like NO other that anyone has ever experienced on the earth before.

It is an interesting link between the stone jars when Christ first manifested his glory – and a remnant of Christ’s vessels, needing to be pure, holy and clean to be able to receive the new wine of his glory.

In the same way that the water jars were ‘set apart’ so are we being set apart for the purpose of preparing ourselves to be the pure and spotless Bride for Christ.

Some may feel that they have been in a season of fire or wilderness, and are feeling disillusioned, maybe even resentful, but the Lord is saying, “Stop fighting it. My Fire is what refines and purifies and burns away the chaff- everything that hinders you from my purposes. I am purifying you and yes, for a while it may hurt, but it is all part of my plan for you, not to harm you. You’ve asked me for a lot, but you cannot contain what I am pouring out unless you go through my cleansing fire. Allow me to burn away the chaff in your life.”

Being set apart is not easy. Often it requires some kind of sacrifice or letting go.

I am personally emerging from a long wilderness season and as frustrating as it has been at times, I am SO GRATEFUL for it! The Lord has humbled me and refined me, but He has also nurtured and strengthened me in that time.

The journey of becoming a pure and holy vessel for Him is a one of daily obedience, repentance and intimacy with Him.

I want to be a ready vessel when his glory is poured out across the earth– how about you?

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