Some specific conditions that may benefit from a Reflexology treatment include:

  • Allergies
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Infertility
  • Circulatory conditions
  • Depression
  • Digestive difficulties
  • Foot disorders
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Neck, back, shoulder pain
  • Sinus problem
  • Waste/toxin removal problems

Reflexology assists one to pick up imbalances and problems in our body before they develop into diseases. As the practitioner applies pressure to the ‘crystallised’ areas and disperses the build-up; a message is sent to the brain to inform it that it needs to fix the problem. The brain then flushes the body with biochemical messengers (hormones) that are able to isolate the problem, and begin to fix it through increased oxygenation and circulation.

Correct nutrition will aid the process. Reflexology is not a cure, but rather a means of facilitating the body’s own healing ability and restores homeostasis.” (BalancingTouch Massage & Reflexology Training Manual; June 2017.)

Although you can book a once-off session, ideally, when treating a specific condition, a few sessions are recommended.

In order to see definite progress and improvement, preferably one session per week should be completed for about 4 weeks, and then maintenance every 6-9 weeks.


Children and Teenagers of all ages can really benefit from reflexology. Reflexology is just as effective when used on children as any adult. This is possibly due to the fact generally, they have had less experience of the trials and tribulations of life and so tend to bring with them less “emotional baggage” and the problems they have tend have had less chance to do damage to the body as a whole. 

Babies and Children can benefit from Reflexolgy in numerous ways:

  •  Be calmer/ more focused
  •  More content
  •  Rested and sleep well
  •  Generally more comfortable
  •  Find it easier to digest
  • More balanced energy and moods

Please bear in mind that this is not just a “massage”, but a very specialised and focused treatment. All treatments include a brief a consultation and health status update. Nutritional and Supplementation advice is also provided where necessary.

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Aside from a comprehensive Advanced Foot Reflexology treatment, I also offer a variety of Reflexology treatments, some of which, include the use of Essential Oils and Hand Reflexology.

Hand Reflexology is still very effective, but if you have the choice to do Foot Reflexology, it’s preferred because foot reflexes are closer to the surface of the skin. Reflexology on the hand will give you the same results as doing it on any other part of the body, but the results will take a little longer to happen. It is a good option if you are pressed for time, just need to relax or have a problem with a foot/ your feet.

Contact me for a complete list of all available treatments and prices.

Please make sure you have read the Contra-indications before making your booking.

Cash only will be accepted for appointments and must be paid on the day of the appointment.

The right to treatment is reserved.


Contraindications in Reflexology mean that the patient should seek permission from a medical professional before going ahead with treatment. You should always disclose and discuss any relevant information with the reflexologist prior to treatment also.

Reflexology can help with many conditions, but to ensure your utmost safety please consult your G.P if any of these apply to you:

• Recent major surgeries and operations • Taking medication for serious health conditions •  Severe mental conditions • Any form of cancer • Thrombosis •  Any conditions affecting the nervous system • Any cardiovascular conditions • Epilepsy • Internal bleeding • Haematomas • Gout, or swelling and inflammation in and around joint • Varicose veins or a history of similar conditions • Internal implants

I am unable to work on you at all if you have:

• Contagious skin conditions • Athletes foot or other fungal conditions • Any contagious respiratory disease (e.g T.B, Pneumonia ) • Viral infections causing vomiting or diarrhoea • Any cuts, open wounds or sores on your feet • Being under the influence of alcohol or banned substances

If there is anything you are unsure of, please consult with me before your appointment.

For your appointment it is advisable to: 

  • Not eat a heavy meal 2-3 hours before 
  • Not drink alcohol or caffeine before  
  • Have an empty bladder upon arrival 
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing


”Over the last 10 years or more, my sense of smell and taste has been virtually non-existent. I would have very brief periods of time (like a day or two) where smell and taste would return, only to disappear again. It always made me feel disappointed and frustrated. The day after my very first Reflexology session with Kim, I noticed that my lungs felt unusually “open” when I went for my jog. Now, being an asthmatic who loves sport, this was an important development for me. Three days after that, I started smelling. As the days went on my sense of smell got stronger and with that my taste returned. I was overjoyed! I have been for another two sessions with Kim. My sense of smell and taste has remained strong and I truly believe it is the Reflexology that has helped the healing. I will happily return for maintenance treatments if it means keeping two of my senses!”  Christine Lloyd, Quanti district of Stutterheim