Where is Sparkling Forest situated? 

The Reset venue is on a private farm in the Eastern Cape. It is safe haven for those who need some ‘time out’ to rest, heal, be encouraged and be refreshed.

How long is a ‘Reset Retreat’?

A Retreat can be anything from 1 or 2 days to 2 weeks! It is really up to the individual and his/her needs.

Do you provide meals?

Ideally, the Retreat venue is a self-catering set-up; however, there are situations where meals can be provided to assist in the recovery process. These need to be arranged prior to arrival and are an additional cost.

Why do people choose Sparkling Forest?

Sparkling Forest has helped and encouraged individuals suffering from burn out, grief, exhaustion as a new parent, relationship issues, faith issues and more.

It is a wonderful Christian alternative for healing, as opposed to other secular institutions. A safe and confidential venue to have the opportunity to rest, recover, or heal – whether you choose to do it on your own or with a mentor.