Today, I heard God say, “Nothing is too hard for Me“. He led me to share this excerpt from ‘the 30 Day Praise Challenge’ by Becky Harling:

‘I am never shocked, surprised, or caught off guard. I know there are moments in your life when circumstances feel impossible, when you cannot see any solutions to the challenges you are facing. Trust Me in the midst of your difficult moments. Seize them as opportunities to praise Me for My sovereign power.

As you thank Me in advance for the solutions I hold, I will enlarge your heart to hold greater faith. At first, focusing on My sovereignty may feel scary, but as you grow more comfortable in your times of praise it will become a source of strength and comfort. Recognise how small you are in comparison to Me. This is a form of worship. As you bow before Me, your ability to trust Me will grow. Watch and see what I will do. Nothing is too difficult for me Me. Did you catch that? Nothing, absolutely nothing, is too difficult for me.’

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