Crumbs or Cake?

Quite a few years ago during a time of worship the Lord showed me the following vision:

I saw a magnificent wedding scene. The hall was decked out in such beauty and splendour as only a wedding could allow. Aside from all the finery of flowers, candlelight, drapery and such, my eyes were drawn to the main table where the bride and bridegroom sit.

There, seated at the main table, looking dashing in his tuxedo, was the bridegroom- Jesus. To my alarm, however, instead of his countenance being lit up with love and joy, I saw that it was filled with anguish and pain. Tears were pouring down his cheeks. I looked to see what was causing him such heartache, and there, on the floor, crawling on her hands and knees, her beautiful gown getting filthy dirty, was the bride. Instead of taking her rightful place alongside her beloved, sharing in the wedding banquet, she was rather choosing to pick up the crumbs from under the table!

I could not believe it! Did she not know who she was and where she belonged? Did she not know how precious she was? Didn’t she know how worthy she was to be seated at the main table and enjoy the feast? It broke my heart to see what pain it was causing the groom to watch his bride hiding away, missing out on all that he longed for her to enjoy. Most of all, he wanted her by his side to hear the words of love he would whisper in her ear, and for the two of them to soak up the beauty of the evening together, as one.

As the vision ended I could still feel the Lord’s pain. His heart was breaking for His Bride who was hiding under the table instead of taking her rightful place of honour alongside Him, the Bride who still didn’t fully understand who she was.

All too often, we act like the bride in that vision. We forget our true identity and believe we are unworthy to experience and receive all that our Bridegroom has for us. We hide away in fear or shame settling for ‘crumbs’, instead of God’s best. Jesus is longing for His Bride to step up into the fullness of who she is destined to be – to stand up tall, powerful, clothed in purity, knowing that she is bold, blessed, and beloved.

It’s time to get off the floor, (let go of the past), dust off your gown (shake off fears), take your rightful seat as the Bride (acknowledge your true identity and walk in purity), love and be loved by your Groom (come back to the intimacy of your first love) and enjoy the feast (live out in the abundance and fullness of the life you’ve been given)!

Let your lover take you onto the dance floor, to spin and twirl, so that everyone may see your true beauty, and delight in you, as He delights in you!

Isaiah 62:5 “And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so your God will rejoice over you.”

Prayer: Jesus, please forgive me for any pain I’ve caused you by not fully accepting the gift of life that you have given me. I am sorry that I have not stepped into the fullness of who I am created to be, because of fear or shame. Today I make the choice to step into all that you have for me by acknowledging that I am your Bride – and acting that way. I declare that as your Bride I am beautiful, bold, blessed and loved. I declare that as you rejoice and delight in me, and I in you, others will see your beauty and glory.

Activation: Jesus, are there any areas in my life where I have difficulty relating to this aspect of you as the Bridegroom? Please show me clearly if there are.

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