While on honeymoon in Zanzibar, my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to go swimming with wild dolphins.  It is a dream I have had for years and couldn’t believe that it would be actualised.

We were taken out on little fishing boats to a spot in the ocean quite far from the shore where the dolphins were known to “hang out”. We were each given a snorkel and a pair of goggles.

Once the dolphins arrived alongside the boats, our Guide began to yell, “Jump in, jump in!” We donned our goggles and snorkels as fast as we could and jumped into the water.

To my disappointment however, I realised that by paddling along the surface of the water, it was difficult to get a clear view of the dolphins below me, to which I so longed to be near. The swells kept obscuring my view not to mention the churning water from my husband’s kicking legs in front of me! I realised that in order to get a really good view of the creatures, I would have to take a deep breath and dive deeper below – away from the surface where I felt safe.

I took a deep breath and swam below the chaos above. It was like a whole new world opened up to me. Suddenly, all the noise of the boats, shouting guides and splashing was muted. The water was undisturbed and my vision cleared. I saw so many dolphins ducking and diving around us – one coming so close to my husband, he could almost touch it! I saw a mother with a baby beside her – a sight I won’t forget in a hurry. It was a surreal experience.

Later, God spoke to me about this experience. He showed me how so often we long to experience Him and get close to Him, but we do it in a very ‘safe’ and ‘controlled’ way. We ‘stay on the surface’ and are reluctant to let go of our “snorkels and goggles” in order to experience more of Him.

What are our “snorkels and goggles”? These could represent anything that keeps us from drawing nearer to Him or allowing us to be vulnerable in His presence – our status, job, religion, friendships, wealth, pride, fear, false beliefs, ignorance, apathy and more!

Sometimes, we don’t want to step away from ‘what everyone else is doing’ and take a risk of being different. Most often, it is just that we are content to be “on the surface” experiencing God in a limited, safe way, but in doing so, we are missing out on a whole world of experiences with Him.

God told me that in order to experience Him in an even deeper and more intimate way, I would have to “get in over my head”. I would have to let go, dive deep and let Holy Spirit completely saturate me. Only then, would I truly be able to see Him clearer. Only then, would the “noise” of the world be silenced so that I could perfectly hear His voice. Only then, would I discover more secrets and treasures He has hidden away just for me.

Go on, take a risk, dive on in with God and get in over your head!


On 13 March 2022, I dreamt of a large black portal opening up over the ocean. I knew in my spirit that nothing about it was good.

Out of this portal, tons of long, black rectangle-shaped ‘organisms’ (kind of like flat Fettuccine pieces) poured down into the sea. I couldn’t tell exactly what the black pieces were but I knew they were ‘organisms’ and I knew they were ‘demonic’.

• On waking I was reminded that the ocean often represents mankind/ masses of people (Revelation 13), but it can also represent chaos, calamity and death. I had the sense that something sinister from the demonic realm was being released or about to be released among mankind.

• When I prayed about it I heard the word “plague”. A plague can also be representative of ‘calamity’.

• Three days later, in my time with the Lord, I heard Him say again, “A plague is coming, anoint your home”. I am still uncertain as to whether it is a plague of sickness or symbolic of a general plague of chaos and calamity.

I don’t believe God is showing us this to bring fear in ANY way, but rather the encouragement to put our trust and faith in HIM and reassurance that we can find guidance and refuge in his PRESENCE when the storms of life come. (see Psalm 91)

Then in MAY 2021 – 3 nights before Pentecost – I had a very different Portal dream.

In the dream I was standing on my front lawn when suddenly I saw a cloud-like pillar coming down from the sky towards me at great speed. As it got closer, I realised that it was not a cloud, but a solid structure which turned out to look like an extravagant archway or doorway – similar to one you would find in a palace.

In my spirit, I sensed it was a Heavenly ‘portal’. Suddenly, a white Dove appeared which I knew was Holy Spirit. Everything was coming towards me at lightening speed. I began calling my daughter, Jayme, to hurry up and come see what I was seeing. As the doorway passed over me I had an incredible spiritual encounter and afterwards was filled with indescribable JOY.

Jayme, my daughter, was so busy enjoying playing and didn’t want to leave what she was doing, that she missed it all.

• Upon reflection, one of the interpretations I got for the Body was that there is such ACCELERATION of things happening in the spirit, and there is such favour right now for open heavens and fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit encounters. Those who are vigilant and watching will get to experience unbelievable moves of the Spirit and many will be completely transformed in the twinkling of an eye.

• We also need to stay ready – purifying ourselves to become new wine skins ready for the new wine!

• The warning, however, is that there are those who may remain busy and distracted, and may miss out on what God has for them.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to miss a thing that God has in store for us! I want to be ready and awake, attentive to His still voice. I also need His absolute wisdom and guidance through the coming storms…

“Lord, we put out TRUST in you, our HOPE is in you and nothing else. Help us to become your pure and spotless Bride, and we ask you to keep us safe in the shadow of your wings” AMEN

This image is as close to the Heavenly Portal that I saw in my dream that I can find.


Dream on 8 March 2022

A very vivid detailed dream:

I was visiting friends on the East Coast of USA (New York area) having loads of fun – touring and doing fun things. The location of the dream was very clear. I knew exactly where I was as had even been considering visiting my Au Pair family in Chicago nearby. The dream had a feeling of happiness.

SUDDENLY – everything changed. We were in a building and it started shaking. Having been in an earthquake before I immediately recognised that an earthquake was taking place.

We looked for cover, but all the tables were glass and I knew they wouldn’t be safe. We eventually found a wooden desk and dived under it. However, the shaking was over pretty quickly.

People were standing at the glass windows of the building, staring out at the sea in shock. I looked to see what they were staring at and noticed that the sea had completely receded revealing tons of rocks.

Suddenly everyone started screaming as we all saw a massive Tsunami approaching…

It was like no other Tsunamis I have seen (except in my dreams) and I knew there was absolutely no escape because of the size of it.

During the dream, I also kept seeing the date ‘9 March’.

When I woke up I checked the date on my phone as I wasn’t too sure what it was and it was in fact, 9 March. However, nothing significant in the natural happened on that date and so I am not sure if it was relevant or not. It may be pointing to the month and not necessarily the day, but I am not sure.

The rest of the dream, however, is very similar to many other Tsunami dreams I have been having – the only difference this time, being that I had an exact location as apposed to other dreams I’ve had with this theme. The other difference was that this Tsunami was preceded by a distinct earthquake.

Again, as mentioned before, although I know this could all be symbolic of upcoming upheaval and chaos, I also feel quite strongly that a real Tsunami with massive destruction is going to take place, and soon.

The other aspects of the dream that stood out for me was that it all happened ‘SUDDENLY’. Whatever it is that is going to take place is going to catch many people completely by surprise. They are going to be going about their daily lives, having fun and will not be prepared for it at all.

Let us pray for more clarification on these warnings as well for the Lord to minimize the damage and loss of lives as much as possible. I also pray that where needed, we stay READY and ALERT for whatever is coming our way.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26


On 21 AUGUST 2021, I had a very detailed dream.

In the dream, I was walking on a vast stretch of land and as far as the eye could see were masses and masses of people from all nations. I was walking among them and in my spirit I knew they had all been vaccinated with one or more of the available Covid vaccines.

The shocking part of the dream is that every single one of these people was sick in some way. Many were walking slowly; head bowed, hunched over, with dull, sad eyes. I could not get over just how many people there were – there seemed to be no end to them. All were sick, very sick.

Then I saw a woman approach a ‘police officer’ (a man in a uniform) trying to cling on to him in desperation. I could hear her trying to tell him how sick she was and all the things that were wrong with her, she seemed desperate to be HEARD. However, he carelessly brushed her aside like an annoying child and tried to placate her by saying, “Yes, yes, but thank GOODNESS for ___________ “(a name of a drug which I heard in the dream but could not recall upon waking).

In the dream, I knew that this drug had been created to try to ‘cover up’ some of the side effects of the vaccines and the message being sent out to the general public was that it was a wonderful tool.

Right away the phrase “a lie to cover a lie” dropped into my spirit.

The lady joined a long line of these people who were making their way up towards a platform of some kind. It seemed like they wanted to speak out about what they were experiencing. I was in the queue too and knew that I was also going to have the opportunity to speak. It was then that I became aware of one of my Homeopathic Tissue Salts bottles in my hand. Then I woke up.

Upon reflection on this dream a few things came to me. Many people all around the world are experiencing negative side effects to the vaccines. Many have been very very sick. Some have died. I got the sense that the ‘police officer’ represented “authority” not allowing the injured public to have a chance to be heard. God also gave me the distinct impression that they are (and will be) covering up lies with more lies.

I felt that more and more individuals will become emboldened to share their stories. We need to pray for this!

When I pondered the Tissue Salt bottle in my hand, I felt it impressed upon me that it represented the use of natural remedies in the future, for helping those who have been hurt. I had a sense that natural remedies would become more and more valuable.

Since having this dream, I have heard of a few natural remedies that have given both vaccine and Covid sufferers great relief – some of them being Black Seed Oil, Star Anise, Milk Thistle and NAC amongst many others.

As Believers, it is our duty to always seek out the Truth. Who is the Author of Truth? Christ Jesus our Lord. Together with Holy Spirit, he will guide you in all Truth. I pray continuously that the Truth will be heard. I pray for those who have lost loved ones and who are suffering themselves. I am deeply saddened by those in power who have hurt, abused and taken advantage of so many innocent people for their own glory and gain.

I pray that the eyes of (our hearts) may be enlightened…and may God’s Glory come!


Something is weighing heavy on my heart…

There is something very sinister and evil, quietly, but gradually spreading…just like a cancer and more deadly than any virus.

It is something so seemingly innocent, yet it was the cause of Mankind’s downfall in the Garden of Eden. It is something so subtle; we become justified in feeling it.

What am I talking about?

The Spirit of Blame.

Blame is defined as “an act or expression of disapproval, rebuke for something deemed wrong, reproach; condemnation”. Blame can also be defined as ‘Judgement’.

We are no strangers to Blame. We saw it in the Garden of Eden when Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the snake!

When the Black Death struck in the 12th century, the Jews proved to be a convenient scapegoat for a population desperately looking for someone to blame for the horrific event they were experiencing. Later, Jews were also falsely blamed for the loss of WW1.

What is the root and result of blame? I believe it is quite simple: the roots of blame are Fear, (whether its fear of punishment or shame) and Pride! Pride then leads to a belief (and judgement) that one is innocent while the other party is not. This belief generates Bitterness. Bitterness leads to Anger and Anger to Violence and Murder – the murder of one’s character, reputation and life.

It is not the first time this has happened and as South Africans who know all too well the atrocities of Apartheid- the horror of stigmatizing others, I am surprised by how so many individuals are allowing themselves to get caught up in this mindset once again.

An Auschwitz survivor recently warned that stigmatizing people for ‘causing’ the pandemic could happen very soon. Speaking about how the Auschwitz camps arose he said this, “It is done step by step. Slowly people begin to see that this is something normal. The notion that someone may be excluded becomes mediated into our lives. The thought that somebody can be stigmatized.”

This is someone speaking from experience. Are we listening???

Last week, I opened a well-known newspaper to read more than four articles clearly mocking, shaming and dehumanising those who have made the choice not to get vaccinated. When I was at school, we learnt that media should always be honest, fair, factual and unbiased. Yet, not one of these articles was any of those qualities. Each one was one sided and mostly someone’s opinion.

One of the cartoons was trying to paint those who have made this choice as “idiots” (exact words used) thereby making it quite acceptable for members of the public to label their co-workers, friends even family members in this way too.

It’s common sense that name calling is the first step of dehumanising a person. It was the first thing my husband and I learnt in pre-marriage counselling – don’t call each other insulting names!

The other insinuation of course, is that those who have made this choice have done so without their own research or intelligence. At this stage, there is a WEALTH of information at one’s disposal and no one has ANY excuse to not access facts and evidence to make an informed decision. Sadly however, many individuals do not take time do research and just absorb whatever mainstream media feeds them. 

Another article I read in the newspaper, mocked Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and others for basing their choices on their faith. The writer, clearly not a spirit-filled believer, fails to understand the nature of a RELATIONSHIP with a living God who speaks to us and guides us in all wisdom. He fails to recognise that there may just be something deeper going on leading someone to make the choices that they do– whether it is for or against the use of certain treatments or medication for any sickness or disease.

However, the blame can work both ways and sadly, I have heard of many vaccinated individuals being treated horribly by others– many to whom they are very close. Families and colleagues are divided, friendships broken. This is heartbreaking to witness.

God has been impressing upon me the importance of UNITY among believers in the church. We canNOT allow any (ungodly) force dictate to us how we should feel and behave towards each other. It is ONLY God’s Word that we should be living out and obeying. This includes how we view and treat other people-regardless of who they are!

God’s word is very clear that we are to love one another and not to judge.

PURSUE PEACE with ALL PEOPLE and HOLINESS without which no one will see the Lord…lest ANY ROOT OF BITTERNESS springing up CAUSE TROUBLE, and by this many become DEFILED.’ Hebrews 12: 14-15

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

Sadly, division and hatred is inevitable and the Bible warns of this in Matt 10:21, “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death”.

However, YOU CAN make a choice not to participate in this evil.

Let us show mercy and kindness to one another. Let us not slander and spread lies about one another out of pride or fear. SEEK TRUTH with every fibre of your being.

As Believers we should NOT fear a physical death at all, for it is merely a crossing over, but there IS a Death we should fear – the death of our Freedom, our Spirit, our Humanity.


Recently, I treated my husband, to a Birthday lunch at a really beautiful 5 star restaurant. It was an absolute spoil for us and we were both so excited to experience our first ever “Master Chef” worthy meal in such a gorgeous setting. Having two little kids, Reid and I absolutely treasure opportunities where we can chat to each other face to face and actually finish our sentences- never mind enjoy great food!

It was because of all this that I was so saddened to observe another couple seated across the room. When we arrived, the girl was on an audible voice call with somebody, giggling and chatting loudly while her partner stared into the distance. What amazed me was that apart from stopping to gobble a few mouthfuls of food, she continued this call for the ENTIRE time until they left!

Reid and I both marvelled at the man’s patience to sit through a meal technically alone, and that they were both okay to miss out on such an incredible opportunity to share a moment together, savour the experience and make a memory!

I have grown up with a mom whose mantra has always been “MAKE A MEMORY”. I have attempted to continue that in my own life and wherever I have travelled or whatever I have done, I have tried my best to BE in the moment and MAKE A MEMORY. That is exactly what my mom’s mantra entails – BEING in the moment, being present, doing something extra special, unique or memorable to imprint that occasion on your heart – and perhaps who ever you are sharing it with too!

I grew up in the era without cell phones and even video cameras were scarce. It was easy to JUST BE in the fullness of the moment, having fun, without the need to capture everything on camera. These days, taking ‘selfies’ or videos, often steals so much from us fully enjoying the actual moment in time.

Phones and cameras aren’t the only things that can distract. Work, or thoughts and concerns about work, can keep us present in body, but completely absent in every other way.

I’ll never forget a friend telling me how she was half-heartedly playing Lego with her young daughter. Her mind was elsewhere thinking about various things she had to do until her daughter said, “Mommy where ARE you?” When she replied that she was right there sitting next to her, her daughter said, “Yes, you’re here, but you’re NOT really here!”  I didn’t have kids at the time, but her story burnt into my memory the reluctance to make the same mistake with my children – being with them, but to be so distracted that they would sense I was not present.

Now, when I get asked,”Mommy come build a puzzle with me!’ or “Mom please colour in with me!”, I try my best to set aside my own thoughts or concerns, hide my phone away and use those moments to laugh, teach, nurture, and CONNECT- knowing that I am sowing valuable seeds of which the fruits of my efforts may only be seen one day in the future.

I understand that it is not always easy. Life is extremely busy for all of us, and so much is constantly demanding our attention. However, we will earn the respect of others (and the devotion of our family) when we look them in the eye and listen to them ACTIVELY (asking meaningful questions and showing genuine interest) instead of offering casual clichés in passing.

Being intentional brings meaning and depth to our lives and relationships and therefore results in greater satisfaction and overall gratitude.

This Christmas season, where it is easy to be caught up in the Christmas meal prep pressure, shopping hype and spending sprees; I encourage (and challenge) you to SLOW DOWN. Stop and focus on those who are important to you (and maybe even one or two who aren’t!) Then, make a deliberate effort to put some undivided attention and commitment into making someone else feel noticed, heard, special.

You might just be amazed at the deep fulfillment and satisfaction you feel- perhaps even the memory that gets made.


Its 2 Dec 2021 and I’m taking some time to write down things that the Lord has been impressing on me over the last week.

Firstly, I acknowledge that I am NOT perfect, I don’t always hear perfectly and may not always be able to convey what I have heard perfectly, but I do pray over everything I receive – for clarification and I trust Holy Spirit to guide me in all wisdom. Please test every word and prayerfully consider it before the Lord yourself.

I’m sharing this with you today because Holy Spirit has impressed it on me to do so for the last 3 days. Even as I sit here and I write, I feel the weightiness of His Presence. I feel I have a WARNING and a PROMISE.

This message should not be taken lightly. SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. Change is coming.

Yet, in spite of this, I feel calm, I feel His PEACE too.

1) On 27 Nov 2021, I had a vivid dream which I felt was related to ITALY and possibly FRANCE too. In the dream the Lord gave me various images and symbols of which I didn’t quite understand at the time. (To save time I will not give all the details of all my dreams, but rather just the impressions or message that I feel God gives me through them)

When I woke up, I spent time waiting for clarification and revelation. In the dream I had seen a symbol for Italy and the word “Basilica” attached to the Italian symbol. However, in my dream the word “Basilica” was also pronounce by someone like “Bas-i-leesk” (which is distinctly how it is pronounced in France) I felt the link to Italy could represent Rome or the Vatican City or the Pope himself, and when meditating further on these areas I heard the word “ATTACK”. I feel that this would be quite soon. I am not 100% sure if the attack would be on the Basilica building, the city, country or the Pope, but I am certain of some form of attack in this area. I felt the same concerning France.

It was quite interesting to note too that the word “Basilisk” is also a legendary reptile reputed to be a serpent king, who can cause death with a single glance.

2) On 23 April I had a very detailed dream about “chaos in the White House”. In the dream, a masked man had invaded the perimeter of the White House and was on the lawns in front of the building. He was holding a canisiter which I knew in my dream contained a lethal virus of some kind – LIKE Anthrax, but not necessarily that. He was threatening to spray it which I knew by doing so would result in his suicide and the death of many. As he sprayed, CHAOS erupted in the White House.

I feel this dream is possibly linked to a form of terrorist attack, but the images I saw could also be symbolic of the general chaos that is to about erupt. I very distinctly got the impression of chaos in the White House.

3) I have had Tsunami dreams since 2015 and at the time I felt perhaps that they were linked to God’s flooding of His glory and breakthrough in that season for they died down for a while until Sept 2021.  From Sept 2021 till Nov 2021, I have had these same dreams with increasing frequency to the point of having them nearly every second night or so. I feel this is an indication of ACCELERATION. There is an acceleration of things speeding up both in the natural and the spiritual. It is also indicating the nearness of the things I am seeing and sensing.

I also do believe that not only a symbolic Tsunami, but a real very large Tsunami (or Tsunamis) will be experienced soon. I sense great destruction, great death – widespread death. I am not certain of where these Tsunamis (or the one great one) will take place. I feel like America may be affected soon, but other areas too.

4) I have also had many nuclear dreams in the past and these, like the Tsunami dreams have been increasing in regularity and detail. Yesterday, while driving in my car, I was praying intensely about this and asking the Lord for wisdom – I just happened to glance to the left while praying and there, very clearly I saw a cloud in the mushroom shape of a nuclear bomb explosion. I felt this confirmed the impression I was getting. Again – as to where and when this will happen, I cannot be sure, but I do feel it is near.

5) I keep hearing the Lord say that things are going to be SHAKEN – physically and spiritually.

I have asked God why He is showing me all of this and what I should do with this information. He is reminding me of the Buffet Dream I had recently which you can read about here on my Blog. In the Buffet Dream there is a warning to not become distracted from being ready for the Lord’s return.

We may be saved, but daily we need to ensure our hearts are completely pure by repenting of any “spots” we may have, like unforgiveness, judgement or unconfessed sin.

It’s also an encouragement to keep our eyes on Him.

No matter what is coming, no matter what happens around us, we need to keep our eyes on Him and hold on to His Word. We need to dig ourselves DEEP into His Word and stay rooted in His Truth. We need to be careful to not get distracted and lose sight of Him.

He keeps reminding me that His heart is that NONE may perish, which is ultimately a spiritual death.

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward [a]us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

He’s reminding me of His great love for me and you. He loves us so, so much. His arms are open and ready for us to run into to find refuge from the storm.

This is the PROMISE: that no matter what, He is faithful, He is GOOD. He will never leave us or forsake us. I always find incredible comfort in Psalm 91. We can always find refuge in the secret place under His wings.

Beloved, I want to end with this poem that the Lord gave me on 12 October at midnight:

Free fall

into Me

No strings attached

chords cut

Dive in

Head first, feet first

It doesn’t matter

Get submerged

In My love

My Grace

My Fire

Drink Deep

from my wells of compassion

Put your TRUST in Me

as I satisfy your mouth with GOOD things,

for I am GOOD and all that I have made is GOOD!

Go deeper, deeper, deeper into ME

its there you will find- all you need.

I’m rocking the boat, overturning all you’ve known

So dive in, into Me

Fall free, be free

fulfilled in ME.


I was walking along and came across a beautiful grassy area with tables and chairs set up, some folk sitting and resting, others milling around. I noticed notice boards advertising a Church Buffet and there were people “marketing” the Buffet and selling tickets for it.  I was very intrigued and knew it was a good thing. A man approached me and offered to buy a ticket for me – they were R20. However, I knew that I had enough cash in my handbag to pay for myself and pulled out a R100 note.

I was then given a ticket and directed to a computer screen which was at the “entrance” gate for the Buffet. It wasn’t time for the Buffet yet, but everyone’s names were being programmed into the computer. I could see on the screen that there was a long list of names with numbers next to them (code).

I was waiting around when suddenly friends of ours (Believers) appeared and were inviting me to lunch. I told them about the Buffet, but they said they wanted to rather try out one of the nicer “fancier” restaurants in the area.

I considered giving my ticket to someone else in order to join them, but in the end chose to rather to go the Buffet.

I have spent a lot of time asking for revelation on this dream.

This is what the Lord has revealed …

The Church Buffet symbolises the Marriage Feast. The number 20 represents waiting periods or times of preparation/resting and in Hebrew it can even symbolise completeness and redemption!

Therefore, the Lord showed me that R20 entrance fee and the garden “waiting” area represented the season we are in. It is a time of preparing ourselves for the Lord’s imminent return. My insistence on paying for myself indicates the responsibility on us to prepare OURSELVES for the Lord and not to rely on others to do it for us. Only we can build our connection and intimacy with the Lord, purifying ourselves through repentance and washing of the Word.

My paying with R100, indicates my absolute devotion and willingness (giving my all – 100%) to knowing and loving Him and being known by Him- being ‘prepared’. We all need to give 100% to deepening our intimacy with Him.

My friends that came to take me out to lunch represented worldly distractions. It was a warning of the temptations of the world that keep us busy and distracted. Even seemingly “good” people, or activities and even fellow Believers, can ultimately replace our devotion to God.  God was reminding us to stay attentive to His still small voice for every decision we make.

More than ever, we need to be sure that we are in His Word and in His Will.

God has been speaking the same things to me over and over – in this season we need to keep our EYES ON HIM, stay TUNED into HIM. DON’T become distracted by the Darkness, the Deceptions, the Fear or anything else of the world – FEAST on Him, FOCUS on Him. He is ready to pour out His Presence, His Peace, His Power, His Majesty on those whose hearts are set on Him.

You will keep him in perfect peace,WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON YOU Because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3 NKJV

“Let us FIX OUR EYES ON JESUS, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.”


For the last few years the Lord has been stressing the importance of ‘sanctifying our senses’. We can think we are living a holy life, but often it is only when we invite the conviction of Holy Spirit, that we are made aware of areas of compromise.

I feel prompted to share a personal story from a few years ago.

For my birthday, my husband had chosen to buy me a DVD series that I had been eager to watch. I had read the book that the series was based on and was curious to see how the story would be portrayed. I didn’t have any concerns about the series being inappropriate.

The first episode was seemingly fine, but in the second episode, there were two scenes that were quite disturbing.

That night I had a vivid dream of a DVD rack with loads of fat toads and frogs squished in between the DVDs. In the morning, the Spirit confirmed the meaning of the dream for me – that the frogs symbolised unclean spirits linked to the series I had watched. I knew right away, that I had the choice to get rid of the series and not give the enemy legal ground into my home and my life, or ignore the warning and continue to watch.

Obviously, I chose to get rid of the series.

Since then, I have been a lot more vigilant about what I watch, read or listen to.

Often, the attractions of the world that lure us away from Him or keep us otherwise occupied are a lot more subtle than we think. Even spending time on things that are “good” – Christian You Tube videos or teachings – can be a distraction from spending intimate time with the Lord. For a few weeks now, God has been warning me that many believers think they know Him, but don’t really KNOW Him. 

Recently, I heard this:

“Shut off the noise.

Tune in to Me.

My sheep SHOULD know My Voice, but many don’t, for they are too distracted.

Too much noise.

Busy with things I’ve not called them to do.

Focused on things I’ve not asked them to focus on.

Talking about things I’ve not told them to talk about.

Little attention is being given to Me- My thoughts, My heart, My will, My needs.

Tune into Me – My Holy Spirit airwaves.


What you are you watching?

What are you reading?

What are you listening to?

What is filling your time?

Do you really KNOW ME- my Heart’s cry? My sheep hear my voice and I KNOW them, and they FOLLOW Me”


During a time of worship last week, I saw the six stone water jars that Jesus used to perform his first miracle of turning the water into wine (John 2).

Holy Spirit gave me a beautiful revelation about this scene.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose to use the water jars for his miracle when he could have just as easily used the empty wine jars that were already there? Aside from the fact that the water jars were very large, they were also CLEAN. Being made of stone, they were not porous and would not hold any infectious disease. These jars did not hold drinking water, but water used for the cleansing and purification rites of the Jews.

“Now there were six stone water jars there for the Jewish rites of purification” John 2:6.

Holy Spirit revealed to me that the water jars were SET APART by the Lord God for the purpose of this miracle. It was no ‘accident’ the water jars just happened to be there. A PURE vessel was needed for this first miracle, the public manifestation of his glory. The wine that Jesus poured out was like no other wine that had ever been tasted before and therefore could not be poured into a vessel that was tainted with old wine and not completely pure.

This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory. And his disciples believed in him. John 2:11

In the same way, when God’s glory covers the earth in the end days (Joel 2:28) the pouring out of the “new wine” (Holy Spirit) cannot be poured into vessels that are not pure and clean. Just as the wine at the wedding was like no other that had been tasted before, so will the ‘wine’ (glory of the Lord) in the end days be like NO other that anyone has ever experienced on the earth before.

It is an interesting link between the stone jars when Christ first manifested his glory – and a remnant of Christ’s vessels, needing to be pure, holy and clean to be able to receive the new wine of his glory.

In the same way that the water jars were ‘set apart’ so are we being set apart for the purpose of preparing ourselves to be the pure and spotless Bride for Christ.

Some may feel that they have been in a season of fire or wilderness, and are feeling disillusioned, maybe even resentful, but the Lord is saying, “Stop fighting it. My Fire is what refines and purifies and burns away the chaff- everything that hinders you from my purposes. I am purifying you and yes, for a while it may hurt, but it is all part of my plan for you, not to harm you. You’ve asked me for a lot, but you cannot contain what I am pouring out unless you go through my cleansing fire. Allow me to burn away the chaff in your life.”

Being set apart is not easy. Often it requires some kind of sacrifice or letting go.

I am personally emerging from a long wilderness season and as frustrating as it has been at times, I am SO GRATEFUL for it! The Lord has humbled me and refined me, but He has also nurtured and strengthened me in that time.

The journey of becoming a pure and holy vessel for Him is a one of daily obedience, repentance and intimacy with Him.

I want to be a ready vessel when his glory is poured out across the earth– how about you?