Its 2 Dec 2021 and I’m taking some time to write down things that the Lord has been impressing on me over the last week.

Firstly, I acknowledge that I am NOT perfect, I don’t always hear perfectly and may not always be able to convey what I have heard perfectly, but I do pray over everything I receive – for clarification and I trust Holy Spirit to guide me in all wisdom. Please test every word and prayerfully consider it before the Lord yourself.

I’m sharing this with you today because Holy Spirit has impressed it on me to do so for the last 3 days. Even as I sit here and I write, I feel the weightiness of His Presence. I feel I have a WARNING and a PROMISE.

This message should not be taken lightly. SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. Change is coming.

Yet, in spite of this, I feel calm, I feel His PEACE too.

1) On 27 Nov 2021, I had a vivid dream which I felt was related to ITALY and possibly FRANCE too. In the dream the Lord gave me various images and symbols of which I didn’t quite understand at the time. (To save time I will not give all the details of all my dreams, but rather just the impressions or message that I feel God gives me through them)

When I woke up, I spent time waiting for clarification and revelation. In the dream I had seen a symbol for Italy and the word “Basilica” attached to the Italian symbol. However, in my dream the word “Basilica” was also pronounce by someone like “Bas-i-leesk” (which is distinctly how it is pronounced in France) I felt the link to Italy could represent Rome or the Vatican City or the Pope himself, and when meditating further on these areas I heard the word “ATTACK”. I feel that this would be quite soon. I am not 100% sure if the attack would be on the Basilica building, the city, country or the Pope, but I am certain of some form of attack in this area. I felt the same concerning France.

It was quite interesting to note too that the word “Basilisk” is also a legendary reptile reputed to be a serpent king, who can cause death with a single glance.

2) On 23 April I had a very detailed dream about “chaos in the White House”. In the dream, a masked man had invaded the perimeter of the White House and was on the lawns in front of the building. He was holding a canisiter which I knew in my dream contained a lethal virus of some kind – LIKE Anthrax, but not necessarily that. He was threatening to spray it which I knew by doing so would result in his suicide and the death of many. As he sprayed, CHAOS erupted in the White House.

I feel this dream is possibly linked to a form of terrorist attack, but the images I saw could also be symbolic of the general chaos that is to about erupt. I very distinctly got the impression of chaos in the White House.

3) I have had Tsunami dreams since 2015 and at the time I felt perhaps that they were linked to God’s flooding of His glory and breakthrough in that season for they died down for a while until Sept 2021.  From Sept 2021 till Nov 2021, I have had these same dreams with increasing frequency to the point of having them nearly every second night or so. I feel this is an indication of ACCELERATION. There is an acceleration of things speeding up both in the natural and the spiritual. It is also indicating the nearness of the things I am seeing and sensing.

I also do believe that not only a symbolic Tsunami, but a real very large Tsunami (or Tsunamis) will be experienced soon. I sense great destruction, great death – widespread death. I am not certain of where these Tsunamis (or the one great one) will take place. I feel like America may be affected soon, but other areas too.

4) I have also had many nuclear dreams in the past and these, like the Tsunami dreams have been increasing in regularity and detail. Yesterday, while driving in my car, I was praying intensely about this and asking the Lord for wisdom – I just happened to glance to the left while praying and there, very clearly I saw a cloud in the mushroom shape of a nuclear bomb explosion. I felt this confirmed the impression I was getting. Again – as to where and when this will happen, I cannot be sure, but I do feel it is near.

5) I keep hearing the Lord say that things are going to be SHAKEN – physically and spiritually.

I have asked God why He is showing me all of this and what I should do with this information. He is reminding me of the Buffet Dream I had recently which you can read about here on my Blog. In the Buffet Dream there is a warning to not become distracted from being ready for the Lord’s return.

We may be saved, but daily we need to ensure our hearts are completely pure by repenting of any “spots” we may have, like unforgiveness, judgement or unconfessed sin.

It’s also an encouragement to keep our eyes on Him.

No matter what is coming, no matter what happens around us, we need to keep our eyes on Him and hold on to His Word. We need to dig ourselves DEEP into His Word and stay rooted in His Truth. We need to be careful to not get distracted and lose sight of Him.

He keeps reminding me that His heart is that NONE may perish, which is ultimately a spiritual death.

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward [a]us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

He’s reminding me of His great love for me and you. He loves us so, so much. His arms are open and ready for us to run into to find refuge from the storm.

This is the PROMISE: that no matter what, He is faithful, He is GOOD. He will never leave us or forsake us. I always find incredible comfort in Psalm 91. We can always find refuge in the secret place under His wings.

Beloved, I want to end with this poem that the Lord gave me on 12 October at midnight:

Free fall

into Me

No strings attached

chords cut

Dive in

Head first, feet first

It doesn’t matter

Get submerged

In My love

My Grace

My Fire

Drink Deep

from my wells of compassion

Put your TRUST in Me

as I satisfy your mouth with GOOD things,

for I am GOOD and all that I have made is GOOD!

Go deeper, deeper, deeper into ME

its there you will find- all you need.

I’m rocking the boat, overturning all you’ve known

So dive in, into Me

Fall free, be free

fulfilled in ME.

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