“Your life does not get better by chance,

It gets better by change”

Jim Rohn

 Change is not easy.

Sparkling Forest will help you take the first steps towards bringing about positive changes in your life.

Our goal is to facilitate the process of RESET:

Rest, Recovery, Restoration.


In time with the Lord recently, He began speaking to me about an OASIS. I heard Him say, “I’m creating an Oasis for My people in the wilderness. In the desert, where they are parched and dry and thirsting for ME – I will meet them I with meet them there I will quench their …

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While on honeymoon in Zanzibar, my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to go swimming with wild dolphins.  It is a dream I have had for years and couldn’t believe that it would be actualised. We were taken out on little fishing boats to a spot in the ocean quite far from the shore …

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On 13 March 2022, I dreamt of a large black portal opening up over the ocean. I knew in my spirit that nothing about it was good. Out of this portal, tons of long, black rectangle-shaped ‘organisms’ (kind of like flat Fettuccine pieces) poured down into the sea. I couldn’t tell exactly what the black …

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Dream on 8 March 2022 A very vivid detailed dream: I was visiting friends on the East Coast of USA (New York area) having loads of fun – touring and doing fun things. The location of the dream was very clear. I knew exactly where I was as had even been considering visiting my Au …

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