Sparkling Forest Ministry encompasses various channels through which God is able to reach one for healing and breakthrough. 

Beracah Cottage – although regularly used as holiday accommodation, is also a Retreat Cottage where one can stay alone for the specific purpose of spending time with God. It can also be used as a place of healing (instead of more secular options) where one can receive prayer and guidance during your stay (see the Retreats Page)

Ladies’ Day Retreats are humble affairs; small and intimate meetings held in my home, without the fanfare that sometimes bigger functions can bring.

Reflexology is a means of aligning the physical healing process with emotional and spiritual healing. (see Reflexology page) The use of Essential Oils assists the process.

Over the years, I have also been very fortunate to have had opportunities to share God’s love and minister to people through Public Speaking in a variety of settings like Churches, Ladies’ fellowship groups, Cell groups, Ladies’ Teas, Schools, SCA camps etc.


While living in Taiwan, I was given the Chinese name, “Jin Yu Lin” which roughly translated as Sparkling Jade Forest.

One day while in Church, I was praying about a name for this ministry and “Sparkling Forest Ministries” dropped into my spirit.  At exactly the same time, the worship leader started speaking about a forest where everything was dead or broken, devoid of any life and colour. He described how he saw a fresh wind beginning to blow. He saw the forest coming to life – dead trees sprouting green buds, grass being revived; colour, sound, CHANGE, NEWNESS, LIFE! He began to link this picture to what God was doing in the spirit – breathing life into dead dreams, healing brokenness, reviving hope and bringing change.

I knew that it was no coincidence that I had heard ‘forest’ and he was speaking about a forest at exactly the same time.

I also realised that what he was describing was exactly my heart’s passion for this ministry. I absolutely love partnering with God in bringing His children into a place of wholeness, healing, restoration and breakthrough. I am passionate about Jesus and helping others to experience His love in a new and fresh way; to see Him reignite lost and forgotten dreams.

I love to provide a safe place for those who are lost or hurting to find their way again – refreshed and renewed.


When I think of Living Whole, I think of the verse in 3 John 1.2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers” or as another version goes, “Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually”

Over the years, I have come to understand that being truly healthy has so much more to do with than just being fit and thin or “in good shape”. 

Well and prosperous”, means many different things to me. It encompasses being free of pain or DIS-ease (whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical), experiencing a deeper connection and intimacy with the Trinity (Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit), healed relationships, gaining a deeper awareness and understanding of how one is wired, being filled with Joy, Gratitude, overall Peace …and so much more!

I used to always consider myself a healthy person, so receiving a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s Disease) came as a huge shock to me. My quest for true and complete physical healing led me on a journey of deeper awareness and awakening of the interconnectedness of body, soul and spirit. It is a journey I am still on, but during which, I have learnt so much. Two vital elements of healing, I believe, are Forgiveness and Repentance which I incorporate in my sessions.