Sparkling Forest encompasses various channels through which one is able to CONNECT with God, REST, or experience a personal RESET. 

Beracah Cottage – although regularly used as holiday accommodation, is also a Retreat Cottage where one can stay alone for the specific purpose of spending time with God. It can also be used as a place of healing or recovery (instead of more secular options) where one can receive prayer and guidance during your stay (see the Retreats Page)

Ladies’ Day Retreats are humble affairs; small and intimate meetings held in our home, on our farm, without the fanfare that sometimes bigger functions can bring.

Reflexology is a means of aligning the physical healing process with emotional and spiritual healing. (see Reflexology page) The use of Essential Oils assists the process.

Over the years, I have also been very fortunate to have had opportunities to share God’s love and minister to people through Public Speaking in a variety of settings like Churches, Ladies’ fellowship groups, Cell groups, Ladies’ Teas, Schools, SCA camps etc.


I am first and foremost a lover of Jesus. After being baptised in 2001, I echoed the commitment of David Livingstone, “Without Christ, not one step, with Him, anywhere!

Since then, with this decree in my heart, I have counseled, mentored, taught, evangelised and discipled in a variety of settings in Africa and throughout Asia. These settings have ranged from churches and universities to dusty rural villages, mountains and even jungles! I have degrees and diplomas, but it is in the ‘school of life’, with Holy Spirit, that I have learnt the most! He is ultimately the one who has been teaching me about ‘Living well and Living Whole’.

I have experienced my own disappointments, tests and challenges of faith, but through them God has deepened my heart of compassion for those who are hurting, and for those who have yet to experience His love. I also have a special place of compassion for God’s daughters and children.

Other things that make my heart smile are outdoor adventures, road and flying trips, hosting events, natural remedies, raising my two daughters on a farm, sundowners with my husband and an awesome cup of home roasted coffee!


While living in Taiwan, I (Kim) was given the Chinese name, “Jin Yu Lin” which roughly translated as Sparkling Jade Forest.

One day I was given a picture of a dead forest where everything was broken, devoid of any colour. A fresh wind began to blow. The forest came to life – dead trees began sprouting green buds; colour, sound, CHANGE, NEWNESS, LIFE

This was what God was doing in the spirit – breathing life into dead dreams, healing brokenness, reviving hope and bringing change…and He still is!

This is my heart’s passion –  I absolutely love partnering with God in bringing His children into a place of wholeness. I am passionate about Jesus and helping others to experience His love in a new and fresh way; to see Him reignite lost and forgotten dreams.

This is the essence of SPARKLING FOREST.